CL : Foundertype
Foundertype Design Competition 2020

The Founder Type Design Competition organized by the Foundertype is one of the largest type design competitions in China. It has already been held for 20 years since it was established in 2001 and the latest one in 2020.

The aim of the design is to present a 20-year review and the new perspective on the future. In the digital age, keyboards have many relative connections with typefaces. By considering the competition category includes both Chinese and Latin, I observed a Chinese keyboard called Cangjie input method in addition of the traditional 26-letter English keyboard. Cangjie is considered of the inventor of Chinese characters and also matches the first prize of the competition (Cangjie Award). The interesting part is that the “T” key which is representing “Type” on the keyboard is also the “廿” in the Cangjie input method, that coincides with the year 2020 and the 20th Founder Type Design Competition. Based on this concept of combining characteristic of the keyboard, I made a variety of visuals to convey the information of the competition.